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Christmas recipes

We are ready for the festive month! In this edition you’ll find some Christmas recipes, the slow edition and the last minute version, and an invitation for crowdfunding of a new SFYN-Traiteur in Amsterdam Oost. Further we’d like to invite you to our New Years dinner and share some information about a security network for all sustainable entrepreneurs and lots of food-related events in Amsterdam.

Slow Christmas cake 

Can you come up with a genuine SLOW food Christmas recipe?

According to us that definitely is the British-style Christmas cake. Some started in October baking the base layer, made tiny holes and are drenching it in liquor every single Friday to repeat this up until Christmas. Slow = tasty!
You can still join! Known as ‘Project XMAS cake’ podcast listeners are instructed by two Dutch gastronomic heros how to do it.

Check the podcast and instruction pictures here. (Dutch only, starts at 14m00).

Slow-roasted winter veggies

We tested this recipe by Joris Bijdendijk, RIJKS® , a couple of times and are super happy with the surprise effect of this dish: Take celery root / beet root / turnip and hide it in a salt dough, roast it in the oven, crack it open and enjoy this wonderful veggie dish. Find some extra instructions below:

1 big turnip/ celeriac/ beet root
750 g flour
250 g fine salt

350 g eggwhite
2 eggs
Make a dough with flour, salt, eggwhite and eggs. Wrap the dough around the turnip. Joris’ Tip: roll the dough out in two pieces, to make it easier to wrap it.

Bake it for ca. 1,5 hours at 170°C. Let cool down completely. Crack the crust and cut the turnip in slices of 2cm. Serve with e.g. old cheese and a sauce of berries.

Last minute appetizer

Although the Christmas songs have been playing on the radio for over a month already, we all know that the time in December goes super fast. This is the perfect ‘OMG it is Christmas tomorrow and I don’t have anything prepared yet’-recipe for a starter or appetizer. Good luck!

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