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Food in the city #April | Food at home

Normally we recommend you food events in Amsterdam but all events are currently cancelled or postponed. So instead of events we will give you recommendations for things you can watch, read, listen or do without leaving the safety of your house. Here’s our list for this month.

Things to read

  • Sitopia – Carolyn Steel (2020)
    The new visionary book by Carolyn Steel (Hungry City) about how food can help us build our future.
  • Boze boeren, LED-lampen en kipdino’s – Janno Lanjouw (Red.) (2019)
    The new book published by the Flevo Campus. In this book, several prominent thinkers answer the question ‘How do we feed the city?’
  • Wat je eet, dat deert – Lenny Vulperhorst (2020)
    A brand new book about the struggle for good & clean food.
  • The Shock Doctrine – Naomi Klein (2007)
    In this book Naomi Klein argues that the Neoliberal ideology is forced on populatios after ‘shocks’; events such as natural disasters, wars and, for example, today’s Corona Crisis. 


Things to watch

  • Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat (2018) [On Netflix]
    An indepth serie with Samin Nosrat (chef & writer) about the basics of cooking & flavours. 
  • Food Hub on Youtube
    Some interesting lectures from Food Hub about the current food-transition. 

Things to listen

  • Podcast ‘Het voedselkabinet
    A new podcast, made by Helen Kranstauber & Samuel Levie about how to change the world with food. You can listen to it here
  • Podcast ‘Ondercast  –  Fermentatie
    A podcast about one’s love for fermentation. You can listen to it here

Things to do

  • Every Friday at 17.00 SFYN hosts a virtual ‘borrel’ (drinks!). Will we see you this friday? More info here!
  • Write an essay and win up to €5000,-! The Flevocampus challenges you to write an essay about Urban Food Systems in the future. You can win a large sum of money and also a publication. You can find more information on how to enter here.
  • Join the LinkedIn page of the Coalition of Food Transition to learn from the Corona Crisis together with other members. You can join via this link.

Stay Safe!

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