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FoodCafé #2: discussions about plant milk, the price of food and food miles

On February 27, 2020, SFYN Rotterdam organised the second edition of its FoodCafé, this time at Maaspodium. A FoodCafé is the first step to enter into a discussion, to find viewpoints, resources and thoughts about the current situation of food at all levels from production to manufacturing and consumption. Everyone is welcome to join a FoodCafé.

Dorien Folkers from MAAS theater & dans welcomed SFYN Rotterdam at the Maaspodium theatre cafe. MAAS is working on a performance on the future of food, De Wilde Keuken, which will go on stage in the summer. As an introduction, Dorien shared with us some stories of the development of the performance.

The FoodCafé was then kicked off by discussing the pro’s and con’s of different types of plant milk. Rather than pondering about how (un)sustainable your choice of plant milk is, participants thought it was more valuable to focus on progress. Being able to take small steps that fit with your lifestyle and culture is essential. Especially since drinking plant milk is already way more sustainable than consuming regular dairy. Read the whole article here.

After that, we talked about the price of food and the fact that unhealthy food is often cheap and more easily accessible than healthy food. Many participants agreed upon that education is key to tackle this. Healthy food is not necessarily more expensive but it requires knowledge to buy the right ingredients and cook a meal from scratch. Convenience and habits have an important role to play here. While it is crucial to “vote with your fork” and make conscious decisions about what you eat, places like supermarkets or school canteens could play a huge role in nudging people towards more healthy eating habits. More background reading can be found here.

Food miles were also on the agenda of the foodcafé. Being such a complex topic, what kept coming back in the discussions was the need to look beyond the food miles. Whether certain produce is in season or not could be a more sustainable indicator than food miles. Here again, education is an important aspect. Because it’s hard to figure out what’s in season if your local supermarket sells a wide range of fruit and vegetables all year round. Click here to read more about this topic.

FoodCafé #2 took place at Maaspodium in Rotterdam on February 27, 2020. Keep an eye on the SFYN Rotterdam socials (InstagramFacebook) for upcoming events. Text by Kato Allaert and pictures by Krati Agarwal.

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