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Meet the SFYN Amsterdam team!

Meet the SFYN Amsterdam board-teammembers for 2021.


Hanneke – Chairwoman       

“Hi! I am Hanneke and in september 2019 I joined the board of SFYN Amsterdam as a project leader. January this year I took on the role of chairwoman. My love for food and sustainability – and the combination of those two in particular – grew during my upbringing in Drenthe, where the countryside is never too far away, and the value of food  It developed into my studies in International Development, with a focus on food security. Ever since I have been working to combat food waste, and promote short food chains. I love to pursue this and SFYN is the perfect place to start!”


Anne Luz – Boardmember    
“Hi! I’m Anne Luz Pijnenburg, 27 years old, boardmember of SFYN Amsterdam. I graduated from the masters environmental geography and specialized in the challenges and impact of and around urbanization and food governance. I worked in the hospitality and food startup sector and want to help pioneers in these sectors achieve their goals of sustainability.
I have been a member of Slow Food Youth Network since 2013 and have been the coordinator of the team of Amsterdam since the beginning of 2019 until begin 2021. I’m super proud of what the team already has done these years. From our awesome World Disco Soup Days, to Food Safaris, the Vrijheidsmaaltijd, We Feed The City and our dining club. We are slowly but steady creating a community with each other and with other key players in the foodscapes of Amsterdam.

Favourite dish
“Right now I love the Mexican kitchen a lot! The corn, the beans, the sweet potato, the fresh limes, avocados and all the amazing salsas. I remember having quesadillas with guacamole and salsa in a little restaurant in Mexico and thinking it was the best thing I ever had. Here in Amsterdam there is a chef that managed to capture that memory in his Mexican food: Joachim de buck. We went to his restaurant Baca in Amsterdam Noord with the SFYN Amsterdam dining club where we enjoyed these amazing tacos.”

Anne – Communications       

Having a background in art and food I currently advice in the food industry. I advice about interpretation of the food (safety) regulations. This way I try to avoid misleading and to ensure food safety. I like to write and enjoy spontaneous adventures, couchsurfing,-hosting and ecovillages. I started as volunteer helping with communication for SFYN in the season of 2018. Now I am on the board of SFYN taking care of the communication like social media. I always enjoy the energy and atmosphere during board and project meetings!

The so called ‘SFYN Regiodag’, organised by one of the national SFYN boards I joined in Eastern Groningen, at the organic dairy farmthat belongs to the family of member Marije! Between the calves that were born the very same morning, we got to know all the SFYN regions and the national board.

Favourite dish
“Homebaked sourdough bread made with locally milled wheat from ‘Weesper wieken’ and a sharp picual olive oil ór a boattrip including freshly caught fish on ‘De Wadden’. Ahoy!”

Bogdan – Treasurer      

“Hi! I’m Bogdan and I am the treasurer of SFYN Amsterdam. By training I am a project manager for environmental studies. People call me infectiously positive because I tend to find an opportunity and a teaching in every situation. I am a gourmand foody who likes to cook, travel, read, learn and explore life from all the angles.

Currently I am learning how to combine my passions for nature, psychology and economy. Therefore discovering SFYN at the beginning on 2020 was a great opportunity for me to help share our vision and our values. Plus I get to know amazing people. I love the energy of our team and I am looking forward to “unbox experiences” with the team.”

Favourite Dish
“In the last months I often spoiled myself and my girlfriend with puffed banana oats pancakes. This can serve as a power breakfast or as a nice desert. We like to make it because it helps me save old bananas and many other scraps or leftovers that can serve as toppings. I loved them with almond butter, soy yoghurt and raspberries on top!”


Erika – Communications    

“Hi! I’m Erika Grimes, a 25 year old food lover from Ireland and I am the newest member of the SFYN communications team! I graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a Master’s degree in Media Studies and I have a passion for sharing all things food, fitness, and wellness online. I am currently doing my 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training as well as creating content to help spread the message that our food choices play a huge role in living a compassionate life for ourselves and our planet. I look forward to working with a great team of people and helping SFYN to continue doing with their incredible work!”

Favourite Dish
“I’ll always have a soft spot for Middle-Eastern food, having lived there for two years. I am a big fan of some falafel, hummus and pita. Simple, but so delicious! I also love to make my own falafel and hummus and sprinkle it with za’atar. I have fond memories of going to the local restaurant beside my apartment in Abu Dhabi and getting huge bags full of falafel – I think about it often!”

Jara – Projectmanager        

“Hi! I’m Jara and since september 2019 I’m part of the SFYN Amsterdam Board as a project leader. Two years ago I lived in Edinburgh and volunteered at FoodSharing, an organisation that fights food waste. As a researcher I looked at the main causes of food waste at local businesses and provided solutions to avoid food waste. With my interest in sustainable food systems and fighting food waste I joined SFYN. I like organising events and workshops to inform and activate people to invest in fair and good food systems. I really enjoyed setting up the (digital) World Disco Soup Day 2020 in Amsterdam and can’t wait to organise more events. Some nice ideas are currently being developed so stay tuned!”

Favourite Dish
“After various attempts I can finally say I know how to master rice paper and I can make some proper summer rolls. This is my favorite food at the moment. Cucumber, carrots, red pepper, rice noodles, mint, coriander, green leaves, you name it. The variations are endless! Feeling like making summer rolls yourself after reading this? I highly recommend making it with a peanut butter based sauce with garlic and chili!”

Marco – Secretary   

“Hi, I’m Marco van Zelst. I’m the secretary of SFYN Amsterdam. I respond to e-mails, make notes during the meetings and try to keep our administration organized. 
I’ve studied Applied Biology and during this study my interest for the foodsystem started. I’m especially interested in the origin of food and how food grows. We normally only see the fruits in the supermarket but most of the time we don’t even know how the plant that grows this food looks like and how much effort it costs to produce this fruit. For me that’s really interesting. For instance, seeing how an almond tree produces almonds is for me really fascinating!”

Favourite Dish
”One of my favourite dishes is Bun Cha Ha Noi. It’s a Vietnamese noodle dish, where you dip your noodles, grilled pork (meatballs) and herbs in a very tasty broth. The broth is very balanced for it is sweet, salty and sour at the same time. Combined with the noodles and grilled pork this dish is so good! I first tasted it in Vietnam and ever since I’ve been looking for the restaurant that serves the best Bun Cha Ha Noi in Amsterdam. So if you know a good place where they serve this dish, let me know!”

Renee – Communications  

‘Hi there! I’m Renee Bijvoets, 29 years old, and a new communication member of the SFYN Amsterdam team. Like everyone else at SFYN, I love food and have a passion for health and sustainability. I have studied Economics and Business, and International Development Studies in Amsterdam. Already during my study I knew that I wanted to make a positive contribution to our food systems, and I realised that the best I can do that is changing the way we consume and eat here: in the Netherlands and in Amsterdam! In my current job, I work in the sustainability department of a large food retailer. This is where I hope to contribute to making healthy and sustainable food available for everyone in the Netherlands. I just started at SFYN Amsterdam, and I super excited to be part of the team and look forward to inspire and engage you about all the awesome work and events of SFYN. Hope to meet you all soon!’

Favourite Dish
“My ’to go to’ dish at the moment is this veggie aubergine curry from the book ‘Made in India’. I bought this book of Meera Soodha during the first Corona lockdown last year and it’s amazing! I’ve been cooking a lot from this book and the dishes are quite easy, but so so good. This aubergine curry is warm, full of flavour, and very comforting. And not to forget, I’ve made this dish a lot when friends come over, and it’s a winner everytime.”

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